May 31, 2012

Chicago !

So! In March I went to Chicago for a week with my Boyfriend's family, it was the first trip I paid for myself lol! Though to be honest, I only had to pay for my plane ticket, snacks and when we went shopping for a day. My bf's mother paid for all the events/shows/restaurants/etc. She is so good! ; u ;

We went to some museums, a musical named 'Fella!' ( Which was fun but not my fav musical ), go walk around the town and to some nice restaurants! I can't believe i went to Moto! It was my dream restaurant since YEARS ago! Since I saw the chef in a conference when I was in highschool.
It was quite expensive too, and I felt bad later on when we got the bill = 3 = but the food was so great! Molecular Gastronomy thing, everything was a mindfuck lol, sadly my camera run out of battery right after they brought the menu > 3 < ! The menu was awesome btw, it was printed into a potato chip thing! Awesome right?


Anyways, here are some photos of my favorite things of the city:

Marilyn's statue

Then we went to see the Chicago bull's play! Now, I'm not a fan of basketball (or any sport to be honest) but I had so MUCH fun watching the game! I was cheering and screaming! xD sooooo fun! 

On the entrance there was this statue of Michael Jordan. 

The stadium.

A flying bull! 

The next day we went to walk around the city as we made our way to the Natural History Museum ( such a long walk! ) In the park there was this chrome I guess sculpture that was like a giant mirror! We called it 'el frijol' ( The bean ) lol, I don't know what it real name is. 

Here is me : )

And my boyfriend <3 ( He looks cute in that pic lol )

This was in the museum. I have so many pics of this place! Then we went to the aquarium which was one of my fav places! They had this Jellyfish show thing, it was soooo cool! sadly, my camera again run out of battery -sob-

Here are some from the Art Museum.

Can't believe someone could make those with so much detail! It was a series of little rooms that showed the different styles of interior design during the years in different areas ( Asia, Europe, America )

Here is another photo! It was really amazing! 

Toulouse-Lautrec <3

We also went to the skybox, it was fun! I was a bit afraid, but not too much.

We also went to the science museum, and there was this old submarine! I wanted to go inside but the tickets were already sold out ):  There was also a Mythbusters show! And also the tickets were sold out! UGH! 

And those were some of the places we went too! I really enjoyed my visit to Chicago! And I hope to go again! There were so many things we didn't have time to see ( like the whole science museum! ) Also, every bread i ate in Chicago was so fucking delicious! And I, being a big bread lover thought that was some of the highlights of the trip lol!

This trip was also quite fun, since it was the second time I travel with my boyfriend, my family being quite old fashion don't let me travel with him much (even if I'm already 23 and he is 24, so we are adults now) so I have lots of fun just being able to travel with him! I hope we can do it again soon <3

I really recommend Chicago! The architecture is wonderful ( And there is a big H&M and Forever 21 too! ) Plus, lots of museums and wonderful restaurants to go too! ( Like Moto! And I think it was Joe's Grill ) Great bread! lol 

It is quite cold and windy, duh, but lovely.

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May 29, 2012

I'm back!

Hello! I know I haven't been active in ages!! D': 
And I feel so bad for it, since I really want to keep this blog alive
So I decided to try my best to post everyday! Sadly, I don't think a lot of things happen in my life hahaha

Anyways, I just ordered some things from Benefit for the first time, the Rare Beauty kit, it looks so cute! Plus, it seems to have everything you need for that natural beautiful look! <3
I can't wait to get it and try them out! Once that arrives and I have enough money, I will buy some other things. They have lots of nice things! in case anyone is interested c:

Love, Andrew <3