June 27, 2012

New circle lenses from Eyecandy Lens

Hello readers! 
Well, yesterday my order from Eyecandy Lens arrived. I order from them the Bambi Princess Mimi in Almond Brown color from GEO. I always had a somewhat difficult time when finding circle lenses, ( though this is my second pair actually so maybe 'always' is a bit too much lol ) since I'm quite blind. I need lenses that can be prescribed with -7.5 and -8.0

Here are the details:

Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable 

So at times I would look at a cute pair but they can't be prescribed or it doesn't go that high )':

Lucky Bambi Princess Mimi Almond Brown ( wow that's a mouthful! ) wasn't the case! This lenses have been in my wishlist for a while, and I decided to spend some money and order them. With the help of a coupon I only paid $24.19 ( I got $2.69 off the regular price ) which I think is quite good! Any kind of offer is good! lol 
They aren't very expensive I think, plus they offer free shipping world wide!

Thank you Eyecandy!

So this is the package:

The lens

My regular lenses and the circle lens ( I already had one on )

With only one of them on.

And I took sooo many photos! I felt like such a cam hoe <3 hahaha
Sadly, I look bad in most of them )': and by the end I was too lazy to keep on camwhoring and do some bad photoshop on them ( most of them were very grainy or blurry )
It's been a while since I photoshoped myself too, so I need to practice first lol

The only editing I did to some of them was make them brighter because the light in my house sucks.

Anyways! Here are photos! lolololol I look bad on some and decent on others.


So the exciting conclusion is~


The lenses are very comfortable! It feels like my eyes can breathe properly : D !! If that makes sense xD I guess that I'm trying to say that they don't feel very dry. Then again I probably just wore them for an hour.
They look very natural in my opinion, my friends saw me and they didn't notice until I told them, in their words " I could notice there was something different on your eyes, but wasn't sure what it was. " Those words where followed by: " How much did they cost? " xD

Now, I don't know if it was because I'm not really used to wear circle lenses.. The only time I did was for a cosplay of Dead Master and a Halloween party, those were also from the Princess Mimi series and got them from eyecandy too. Those, I remember I lasted a long time with them before my eyes began to get too tired of them. For the halloween party was horrible tho, I had such a headache by the end of the night because it was in crowded place with people smoking and flashing, blinding eyes that hurt my eyes.

Where I'm going with this? Well, like I was saying. I don't know if it was because I'm not used to wear them that much or for lack of sleep plus a lot of stress from my school schedule-class enrollment failure thing, that after I started getting a light headache, and then when I took them off it quickly evolved into a horrible headache from hell! 

And there was no Advil around )':

If I had to chose a reason for my headache, I will go for the school thing though.


A photo of Nana saying 'Bye'! well, sorta xD

June 20, 2012

Ramble ramble

I am getting fat = 3 =  But it isn't a bad thing!
My dad has mentioned quite some times now, but I didn't know that to notice. Now, I have always had a belly because I have always been a couch potato and barely exercise. But I did notice that my legs are starting to look with more... Meat, I even started to get bigger boobs and booty! Everyone say I look much better like this, since I used to be a size 0 ( Now I'm size 1 ) and looked a bit too much like a skeleton I guess.

I never had much of an appetite, well that is a lie.. I am VERY picky with my food ( like I love mango flavored things but I hate the fruit because of it's texture and so on), it was worse back then and only got really hungry during recess and the afternoons ( And I will eats lots of junk food! It amazed people, that someone so skinny could eat that much. I say it was because it was probably my only meal for the day. I tended to eat once a day) but if there was nothing that would get my attention I wouldn't eat (drove my mom mad lol) or, if I had a bad grade I would punish myself by not eating, since my parents never punished me it felt like I had to do so instead.. or maybe it was a cry for attention? Who knows, the thing is I don't do that anymore and plenty of my bad habits start disappearing years ago.

Oh my, what a drastic change of mood in my post! lol But yeah, I was a pretty sad little girl back then but I have moved on and started eating more!  Still junk food in it's majority though. Plenty of Coke. I'm trying to stop drinking Coke or Pepsi because I know it's quite bad for me.

Now, I want to get on a 'diet' which consist mainly in drinking lots of water and try not too eat too much crap like ( chips, mcdonalds, etc ) Since I don't really want to keep gaining weight, I want to stay at this size where I look more healthy and better, plus I'm thinking about going to the gym ( But I am WAY too lazy to probably end going ) because I know I have like zero condition/stamina and if that Zombie Apocalypse ever happens and running will be part of my survival, I will be a goner.

Oh yes! I also discovered this yesterday!

Hilarious right? Just because of this I would consider getting the Xbox 360 and the Kinect xD
Hope you guys have fun watching them dance~ !
I pretty much enjoyed seeing Palpatine shacking that thaaaang lol

Mmm also I have currently 3 dogs living in my house with no garden hahaha it's a mess and my parents aren't very charmed when they step into some pee. I have two Pomeranians, a male and a female and they behave quite good though sometimes they do make a bit of a mess. They usually do their business in their spot which has one of those kind of rugs things for puppies to pee on that they sell in pet stores ( doesn't know the name ) they are quite expensive but we buy a similar thing that is a wet bed protector thing, so if you pee yourself during the night it won't get to the mattress, but instead we use it for the dogs. We save a lot of money using them!

The third dog, is Ninq a fat and cute female Pomeranian that is currently in heat and the owner wants Lukas to get Nina pregnant.  It's fun to have other dog, I love them and hope to one day have a big garden/yard to have more dogs! = ^. ^=

But it seems she is very spoiled and not that trained, so she pees everywhere ): The good thing is that she doesn't make lots of pee puddles, mainly drops so it's easy to clean ^^ plus she is very cute xD She also barks a lot during the night, I think she misses her home and owners. They will be coming for her tomorrow, so Nina will be back in home and happy soon ~  But I will miss her, she is very energetic! My dogs are so lazy lol

June 17, 2012

So many games I want!!

Hello! This will be something like a gamer post lol not really but yeah xD

The other day, me and my bf were watching the live stream of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) on my house and we watched the Sony and Nintendo conference. OMG I WANT A PSVITA!!!! It was one of the things I was more excited to see, the new games that are being released for the Vita and WOW the crystal white PSVita looks sooooo nice!!! I think I will give that one to my boyfriend for Christmas, it comes in an Assassins Creed 3 bundle thing and since he is a fan, I'm sure he will like it.
*Starts saving money*

For me, I reaaaaally want the Hatsune Miku bundle because it comes with the PSVita Project Diva! and I WANT! <3 Also the game Gravity Rush seems pretty cool! I really want it! And Little Big Planet for Vita!!

Lol I want too many games xD

For my PS3 I reaaaally want the BIOSHOCK INFINITE!! Sadly it will be released until 2013 ): I want to play it NAO!! hahaha Lollipop Chainsaw also seems pretty fun! I think I will buy it <3 I don't care what IGN say, they always give suuuuuuch bad critics to good games! Granted, sometimes they may be right, but most of the time they are just unfair. A part of me believes that they just get paid to recommend certain games. Bleh.

Oh right! SKYRIM ONLINE!!!! aijoghaoghoaeuha I am SUPER excited about this game! Because I'm a BIG elder scrolls fan! lol well maybe I'm exaggerating there.. The first game I played from Bethesda was Oblivion and I LOVED it so much that I had to get Skyrim and god it is one of my FAVORITE rpg games <3 

Actually, now I'm in the mood to play it again hahaha 

Alice Madness Returns is also in my gamelist, along with the new Devil May Cry game ( Dante is way too hot ), DEAD SPACE 3! While I don't really play that game... I love the story and watching my bf playing it! lol xD I even got dead space 1 so he could play it and I could watch him : P

The Last of Us also looks pretty interesting! And I'm looking forward to play it! Post-Apocalyptic worlds are great~ haha 
Also the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale sounds very fun, it is going to be like the nintendo's Super Smash Bros but with Characters from PS games, like Fat Princess, Sly Cooper and more. Little Big Planet Karting also is in my whislist! 

Also there is one game that I think is about to be released in USA, and I would like to play it since you play as a cute little Pomeranian dog <3 

Tokyo Jungle

Cute right? x3

There are more games, but I can't remember all of them atm lol

From Nintendo~  I just want a nintendo 3DS lol! in Pink <3 ! Would Nintendo be so kind to give me one to review it? Pretty Please? <3  If not, I'm still very happy with my nintendo dsi :3 
One day I will have it along with the Zelda Ocarina of time for it and hopefully the do make a remake of Majora's  mask!! I liked that game but I would love to see a new take on it since I always felt that it could be better.

btw Skyward Princess was very FUN! You should play it~ ! It helps to know more of the story of Hyrule and the Zelda Universe/story. Btw Nintendo, you should make a book! That tells all of the Zelda timeline/history! I would SO buy it! along with artwork <3!!!

The WiiU looks interesting btw, I liked the ZombieU game that they showed in the conference but.. I'm not sure if I would get it, I think of it ( thanks to my bf noticing ) as an accessory to turn your Tv into a giant nintendo ds lol

Also, yesterday I went to pre-order my copy of Pokemon Black 2 !! <333 I love pokemon games <3 Though I admit that I stop playing a bunch of them, I re-fell in love with them when I got my remake of the pokemon silver, soul silver <3 I used to have the gold version when I was young so when I heard about this I was like: Oooh! I can finally play the silver version!

I'm going to end this post now xD 

In a nutshell: I want LOTS of games and I don't have money *sadness*

June 13, 2012

My macbook :/

Hello ! Well today I just to ramble and vent out about my MacBook.
I got my laptop about three years ago, and I was so happy! I never had an apple computer and always wanted one! I only got it because someone broke into the house and stole my Dell laptop that I got for Christmas ( I was so sad because my baby was so powerful! ) They only took that and even left the charger, also found my purse in the bathroom with all the contents discarded everywhere! Thank god I had taken my wallet with me.

So, with that incident I got my dad to buy me an MacBook. I wanted the pro one, but it was too expensive and my dad didn't want to spend a lot of money. But still, I was happy with it and it run beautifully! The only bad thing was that there aren't many games for the apple/mac computers.

Then, around a year ago I noticed that the bottom was getting loose. Here are some pictures of how it looks today:

It is just full of flaps! lol ! and it pisses me off! Because it would be YEARS before I can afford a new one, since they pay me so little in my job D: ! Need to find a better one after I graduate * Determinate face*

But it really annoys me that apple would do such a crappy product! I mean, the computer works fine except that it NEVER EVER wanted to open Adobe InDesign, which I reaaaaally needed for classes and work, and that they made the bottom out of plastic knowing that with the heat of the computer that would happen! *sigh*  And all their products are sooo expensive! I asked of other ways to pay, like give X amount every month with was a fail because they don't take my debit card or if they had some student discounts which they have but aren't really discounts. They just give you store credit for other apple products.

I asked if they could fix it and they say 'Yeah and for free' and I was like *beam* Really?! Greaaat!! but then they said that it should take around 3 days, and my hopes crashed because I need my computer for work! Since we have to bring our own laptop ; ^ ;

So, I have to stay like this. Hopefully the bottom part wont like... Completely fall off or something. And will last me until I can afford a new one. But seriously apple, what where you thinking?! No wonder you don't make that laptop anymore.

June 6, 2012


Yummy right?

Hello! Today I had some free time ( I love having time for just myself but it isn't often ) and went to do some personal errands. Went to get some fabrics to make some accessories for myself and to sell ( lol hopefully they will end up looking alright! ) and on my way there, I decided to make a quick stop at [Bread], which is a little bakery not too far away from my house, but until now didn't have time to pay it a visit. I love bread and baked goods, and this are by far some of the best I ever had! I came to know [Bread] when some classmates used them as their client for a re-design project, you know: new logo, packages, business cards and all that. They made a rather good job! But sadly, it seems that [Bread] either didn't like it or is going to adapt that new look later, because everything had their old design.

That's their logo

Anyways, this classmates brought some products to their presentation, to show how the new packages would look and whatnot. And I just feel in love with them! Everything was soooo tasty! 

The bad news was that, they didn't have what I was looking for, I arrived around 2-3pm there and they told me that they run out of their Pain au Chocolat hours ago! And I was like 'nuuuuh D:!' so I asked them what other baked sweets they had. Now, I don't remember their real name haha but I got myself:

2 chocolate cookies

2 lime cookies

1 chocolate muffin thing with no gluten (  I couldn't resist giving it a bite lol )

1 loaf of bread with chocolate chips

And omg! the bread, chocolate cookies and the muffing thing was just too fucking AWESOME! the lime cookies were good too, but... I don't know, I wouldn't buy them again.
I still want to go back and try their Pain au Chocolat, and get more of those cookies and muffing thing! 

They also give classes during the weekends so you can learn to bake your own bread! Everyday, they make fresh bread and they like to stick to the artesanal side of baking, not using big machines of mass production. The lady in the counter told me they open at 9am and there is people already outside waiting for them to open! 

So, if you are even in San Pedro Garza Garcia in Mexico, you should make [Bread] one of your stops! It's REALLY great!

Here is their facebook page: BREAD Panaderos Artesanales