June 13, 2012

My macbook :/

Hello ! Well today I just to ramble and vent out about my MacBook.
I got my laptop about three years ago, and I was so happy! I never had an apple computer and always wanted one! I only got it because someone broke into the house and stole my Dell laptop that I got for Christmas ( I was so sad because my baby was so powerful! ) They only took that and even left the charger, also found my purse in the bathroom with all the contents discarded everywhere! Thank god I had taken my wallet with me.

So, with that incident I got my dad to buy me an MacBook. I wanted the pro one, but it was too expensive and my dad didn't want to spend a lot of money. But still, I was happy with it and it run beautifully! The only bad thing was that there aren't many games for the apple/mac computers.

Then, around a year ago I noticed that the bottom was getting loose. Here are some pictures of how it looks today:

It is just full of flaps! lol ! and it pisses me off! Because it would be YEARS before I can afford a new one, since they pay me so little in my job D: ! Need to find a better one after I graduate * Determinate face*

But it really annoys me that apple would do such a crappy product! I mean, the computer works fine except that it NEVER EVER wanted to open Adobe InDesign, which I reaaaaally needed for classes and work, and that they made the bottom out of plastic knowing that with the heat of the computer that would happen! *sigh*  And all their products are sooo expensive! I asked of other ways to pay, like give X amount every month with was a fail because they don't take my debit card or if they had some student discounts which they have but aren't really discounts. They just give you store credit for other apple products.

I asked if they could fix it and they say 'Yeah and for free' and I was like *beam* Really?! Greaaat!! but then they said that it should take around 3 days, and my hopes crashed because I need my computer for work! Since we have to bring our own laptop ; ^ ;

So, I have to stay like this. Hopefully the bottom part wont like... Completely fall off or something. And will last me until I can afford a new one. But seriously apple, what where you thinking?! No wonder you don't make that laptop anymore.

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