June 20, 2012

Ramble ramble

I am getting fat = 3 =  But it isn't a bad thing!
My dad has mentioned quite some times now, but I didn't know that to notice. Now, I have always had a belly because I have always been a couch potato and barely exercise. But I did notice that my legs are starting to look with more... Meat, I even started to get bigger boobs and booty! Everyone say I look much better like this, since I used to be a size 0 ( Now I'm size 1 ) and looked a bit too much like a skeleton I guess.

I never had much of an appetite, well that is a lie.. I am VERY picky with my food ( like I love mango flavored things but I hate the fruit because of it's texture and so on), it was worse back then and only got really hungry during recess and the afternoons ( And I will eats lots of junk food! It amazed people, that someone so skinny could eat that much. I say it was because it was probably my only meal for the day. I tended to eat once a day) but if there was nothing that would get my attention I wouldn't eat (drove my mom mad lol) or, if I had a bad grade I would punish myself by not eating, since my parents never punished me it felt like I had to do so instead.. or maybe it was a cry for attention? Who knows, the thing is I don't do that anymore and plenty of my bad habits start disappearing years ago.

Oh my, what a drastic change of mood in my post! lol But yeah, I was a pretty sad little girl back then but I have moved on and started eating more!  Still junk food in it's majority though. Plenty of Coke. I'm trying to stop drinking Coke or Pepsi because I know it's quite bad for me.

Now, I want to get on a 'diet' which consist mainly in drinking lots of water and try not too eat too much crap like ( chips, mcdonalds, etc ) Since I don't really want to keep gaining weight, I want to stay at this size where I look more healthy and better, plus I'm thinking about going to the gym ( But I am WAY too lazy to probably end going ) because I know I have like zero condition/stamina and if that Zombie Apocalypse ever happens and running will be part of my survival, I will be a goner.

Oh yes! I also discovered this yesterday!

Hilarious right? Just because of this I would consider getting the Xbox 360 and the Kinect xD
Hope you guys have fun watching them dance~ !
I pretty much enjoyed seeing Palpatine shacking that thaaaang lol

Mmm also I have currently 3 dogs living in my house with no garden hahaha it's a mess and my parents aren't very charmed when they step into some pee. I have two Pomeranians, a male and a female and they behave quite good though sometimes they do make a bit of a mess. They usually do their business in their spot which has one of those kind of rugs things for puppies to pee on that they sell in pet stores ( doesn't know the name ) they are quite expensive but we buy a similar thing that is a wet bed protector thing, so if you pee yourself during the night it won't get to the mattress, but instead we use it for the dogs. We save a lot of money using them!

The third dog, is Ninq a fat and cute female Pomeranian that is currently in heat and the owner wants Lukas to get Nina pregnant.  It's fun to have other dog, I love them and hope to one day have a big garden/yard to have more dogs! = ^. ^=

But it seems she is very spoiled and not that trained, so she pees everywhere ): The good thing is that she doesn't make lots of pee puddles, mainly drops so it's easy to clean ^^ plus she is very cute xD She also barks a lot during the night, I think she misses her home and owners. They will be coming for her tomorrow, so Nina will be back in home and happy soon ~  But I will miss her, she is very energetic! My dogs are so lazy lol

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