June 6, 2012


Yummy right?

Hello! Today I had some free time ( I love having time for just myself but it isn't often ) and went to do some personal errands. Went to get some fabrics to make some accessories for myself and to sell ( lol hopefully they will end up looking alright! ) and on my way there, I decided to make a quick stop at [Bread], which is a little bakery not too far away from my house, but until now didn't have time to pay it a visit. I love bread and baked goods, and this are by far some of the best I ever had! I came to know [Bread] when some classmates used them as their client for a re-design project, you know: new logo, packages, business cards and all that. They made a rather good job! But sadly, it seems that [Bread] either didn't like it or is going to adapt that new look later, because everything had their old design.

That's their logo

Anyways, this classmates brought some products to their presentation, to show how the new packages would look and whatnot. And I just feel in love with them! Everything was soooo tasty! 

The bad news was that, they didn't have what I was looking for, I arrived around 2-3pm there and they told me that they run out of their Pain au Chocolat hours ago! And I was like 'nuuuuh D:!' so I asked them what other baked sweets they had. Now, I don't remember their real name haha but I got myself:

2 chocolate cookies

2 lime cookies

1 chocolate muffin thing with no gluten (  I couldn't resist giving it a bite lol )

1 loaf of bread with chocolate chips

And omg! the bread, chocolate cookies and the muffing thing was just too fucking AWESOME! the lime cookies were good too, but... I don't know, I wouldn't buy them again.
I still want to go back and try their Pain au Chocolat, and get more of those cookies and muffing thing! 

They also give classes during the weekends so you can learn to bake your own bread! Everyday, they make fresh bread and they like to stick to the artesanal side of baking, not using big machines of mass production. The lady in the counter told me they open at 9am and there is people already outside waiting for them to open! 

So, if you are even in San Pedro Garza Garcia in Mexico, you should make [Bread] one of your stops! It's REALLY great!

Here is their facebook page: BREAD Panaderos Artesanales

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