August 26, 2012

So much work!

I'm busy with work, my thesis, clases, next weekend i have to travel to my cousin's wedding, doing some freelance work! D: !

I don't know if i will able to pull it off, but i'm going to keep optimist and give it my best! Also, last weekend this dog that Lukas breed with have the puppies. Sadly, only one remains alive the other two died ): And the awkward part is that I don't know what we will do, like between the owners of Nina and me will do.

On other news my items from sasa arrived three days ago! So im trying some and will write about them later. Also, need to take better pictures but the lighting on my house suuuucks.

Ooooh and probably in a year or so I will move in to an apartment ~

annnd I want sponsors! hahaha but I don't know how that works :/ Well, the whole part of getting them anyways. So, I'm praying to have more interesting things to happen in my life so I can get more interesting things to write about and thus get lots of views to get people interested into sponsor me or put ads in my page, which reminds me I should get a better blog design but I only know how to make websites with dreamweaver so... not sure if that will work lololol

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