October 30, 2012


Hello! I finally got some free time ( well not really since I still have to do tons of things > < ), things have been rather crazy lately because I'm working on my Thesis, have 3 classes and had to give up on my job because I didn't have time to juggle all that and still get good grades. Since I'm kind of a nerd who dislikes anything below 90, but 80 are acceptable at times lol

I'm taking German too! It is kind of similar to English in my opinion but some things are just so crazy haha I still don't know how I keep on passing that class xDDD

Good thing is that all the madness is going to end in about a month because in November 28 me and my team have to precent everything -so exciting and scary!-

We are working with this children's right organization here in Mexico, to create a campaign that will show what they do and promote people to call this organization when they known or notice that a kid is being abused so help can be on its way.

We also made a blog just for that!
Please visit and comment since feedback is really important for us!

I have wedding pictures to post, from both my cousins weddings, among other things!

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