October 11, 2011

Sasa contest + Working on reviews

Hello! Well life and school has been crazy and I don't have much free time. Then my poor lil dog had surgery ):

Look how cute he looks with his cone!

But he is all better now!

I'm currently participating in so many contests! Mainly design ones, but this one if for Sasa.com! And I loooove Sasa <3  
So I'm asking for your votes! You can vote up to 5 times with one valid email and also give it a facebook like. Just go here - > http://video.sasa.com/main.php  and vote for contestant Andrea Rodriguez. 

My english isn't great and my voice is very soft x3 Sorry about those things! 

And I'm going to work on reviews for some circle lenses I got, a beauty diary mask set, Rosette's apple gommage and plenty more!

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  1. Your doggy is adorable and I love Sasa too♥!

    Please come by my blog and give support (n.n)