July 13, 2011

Shoponblog Giveaway!

Hello! Well, I recently discovered about Shoponblog's giveaway! In which 5 lucky bloggers will get a free item to review some include Dolly Wink line items from the brand Koji <3 ( Which is absolutely cute! ) 

Now, Shoponblog is a eStore that sells some asian cosmetics and beauty products, managing brands like Candy Doll, Eyemazing, Jewerich, Koji (<3), Mailian, and Serra Melliesh. Go check it out! 

The five items are: 
- Dolly Wink Mascara ( long )

- Eyemanazing 003

- Melliesh Eyelash 02 and 04


- Candy Doll Carrot Orange

How to get them? 
Well you just need to post a blog about their giveaway! And then post the link in their facebook page

The giveaway submission ends on July 17 so hurry up! 

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