July 11, 2012

Do you ask or take?

I believe that if you think of negative stuff too much they will keep happening to you, also if you do those kind of things they will return to haunt you. So I REALLY try to keep my mind full of positive thoughts. Like you can see, I'm trying to do what some bloggers have been doing by following the secret and apparent it had worked for them. Now, I haven't read or watch the movie, and maybe in a future I will, so I don't know fully what the secrets suggets you should do, but I do like the idea of maintaining positive thoughts and feelings and be thankful of all the good things that happen in your life.

It sounds like a good way of living even if it wouldn't work. So i'm giving it a shot, I have nothing to lose anyways by trying.

With that little speech aside, I want to say that at this moment I'm going to brake that idea, because I really need to write about this thing that have been annoying me for a while in order to stop thinking about it.

And what thing is?

My oldest sister.

I'm the youngest of 3 sisters, and the oldest one have returned to the house to live with us after some issues in her marriage ( she is getting a divorce ), I won't go into much detail about the whole situation because 1) It has nothing to do with my annoyance and 2) It's her personal life, It wouldn't be good if I go on talking about her issues without her knowing.

Ahem. So my older sister is back home living with us, and since she is around 11 years older than me and got married rather young I never really got to live the part where I just become interested in makeup, clothes and such ( This stage actually arrived a bit too late for me, I started to worry and like those kind of things until I was maybe 17-18 ). So when she got back and suddenly started using all my things without asking or bothering to put them back in their place, it started to annoy me a bit. I told her to not do so, but she just keeps doing it.

She also likes to do her hair, dress up, etc in my bedroom, she says it is because I have a big mirror while her room doesn't, so at night when I get back home and I'm ready to go to bed I always run into the same scenario. Wet towels on top of my bed, so I have to sleep on wet sheets... Shoes, clothes, makeup, even dirty cotton swaps all over my dresser or bed too! I mean, I don't understand how she doesn't care that she leaves all that shit on my bed. Like fuck! I don't mind the clothes, because I can easily discard them, but having a wet bed and dirty cotton swaps near my pillow? UGH! THAT I HATE! Also, that I spend money to buy myself some makeup or skin care product and she uses it and finish it and I didn't get to use it much D: <

I hate when people do those kind of things with other's property but make a big scene when you use one of her things. Because she is like that, she will take your things without permission and treat them badly but oh, don't misplace one of her things because it's hell on earth!

I love my sister! but she really need to improve her atitude about those kind of things. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I always treat things that aren't mine like precious antiques, that I need to be EXTRA careful with them, because that is how I would like other to treat my stuff.

Other thing that annoys me is how she grabs my car without asking. I don't use it much 'cause my boyfriend is always the one driving when we go out, but I use it for school, work, go out to friends houses or do personal shopping/chores ( when my boyfriend can't come with me ). So there had been times where I need to use my car but I can't because she took it without asking if I will need it later or spends most of my gas, and always leaves chips bags, coke cans and lots of crumbs inside, which also annoys me.

Though I do have to say that I talked with her about that, and she is starting to put money for the gas and I have seen less trash in my car when she uses it, with isn't much but it's a start. Hopefully she will also think more like this when she uses my room or my stuff.

Hopefully she will have more respect for my things soon *crosses fingers*

But I guess, it is only a natural thing to happen between sisters, because I didn't get to experience that much when I was younger I didn't fully know how it would feel and now I'm living it. I remember seeing this happening a lot between my sisters when I was younger and I was always like: lol i'm too young for you to wear/use my stuff. plus you two don't like my style!

I guess i'm paying for saying that hahaha

With those things aside, I will like to note that she is a good sister and can be quite thoughtful at times. When she was married, she had more money to spare and will often get gifts for the family just because she felt like giving you something. Overall she is a loving person and I love my sisters.

Phewwsh. Writing this down I already feel like there was a weight lifted from my shoulders. Funny how writing about things can make you get over them more easily. I already feel better and happier lol! And I will try to stay like that.

Also, I will try to be more patient with my sister, because I also aren't that patient with those kind of things. Never really liked to share my things when I was little ( Though I DID share them when they asked for them, I wasn't very happy to do so, but I did it lol ) and having to do so now at this age, it was kind of a shock.

Do you guys had trouble like this? Siblings just taking your things and not asking for them? Or you also just take?

I'm kind of curious of how guys deal with this. Like a brother taking his brother's play station or games lol or maybe clothes and skin care products too? lolol

Byebye xoxoxo

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